An answer the question of "why haven't you gotten the vaccine?"

The following is a summary of the research many have done to inform themselves regarding the 'covid19 vaccine'.

If you've landed on this page it's because you have been directed here to read my two letters written to CMO and the premier of yukon governement. You will also land on this page if I've directed you here in order than you may understand the answer to the question "why haven't you gotten the vaccine".

Emotions are too high and conversations are not productive. They are divisive to families and this is not the time to be divided.

If your interested in my perspective, you can watch the video - it is an excellent summary of all information (so far) on this topic. It's 45 min, so I'll let you know what's in it:

  • genuine concern
  • ligitimate statisitics
  • research from top virologist, scientist and doctors
  • the nurse's lived expereince
  • logic and common sense
  • no conspiriacies (none - no aliens, microchips, etc etc)
  • No politics (none - no left, no right, no trump, no Q)